Voices In The Week’s News: February 1, 2013

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The Bartonsville Covered Bridge re-opened, environmentalists pushed a review of tar sands possibly moving through Vermont, police in New Hampshire moved forward with a gun raffle, advocates expressed concerns over higher costs under the proposed health care exchange and local volunteers celebrated National Mentoring Month.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Celebration Marks Opening Of Bartonsville Bridge

(Lower Bartonsville native Sue Hammond) "It wasn’t that much different than how they would have done it in 1870. They set up a system of rollers using a come-along to inch it over.It’s a big bar attached to a chain and as you pull it to the front the bridge moves slightly on the rollers."

Tar Sands Pipeline Should Get Act 250 Review, Groups Say

(Douglas Ruley, Vermont Law School) "If they never ship tar sands oil through this pipeline, that’s great. What we’re doing with this request is putting the mechanism in place that if they do want to ship it through there, then the state and the citizens have a voice in that through the Act 250 process."

New Hampshire Gun Raffle Will Go Ahead Despite Criticism

(State representative Sharon Nordgren) "I just thought it was an insensitive thing to do, in one instance, and I guess I was just sort of amazed that the police chiefs would be in the business of arming the public. That was my initial reaction."

Health Care Advocates Worried About Increased Costs Under Exchange

(Peter Sterling, director of the Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security) "Do we really want to create an additional class of Vermonters who are underinsured meaning people who are paying premiums but can’t access the doctor because the other out of pocket costs are too high?"

Mentors "Do Lunch" 

(Springfield’s Union Street School student Allie Gibbons and School nurse Jenny Anderson) "Allie and I kind of reflect on her week every week. And she tells me what’s going on, at school or at her home. And sometimes we do special projects. So how’s your day going?" "Good." Yeah?"


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