Voices in the week’s news: December 11, 2009

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This week, Addison County prepared to see drawings of the new bridge for Crown Point, a raucous winter storm hit the region, Howard Dean helped broker a health care deal, and Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca expressed some frustration as resistance to school funding reform.

The Vermont Guard sent off more troops in a deployment ceremony, a huge gift of valuable land continue to amaze, and Rutland mourned the death of lawyer Joan Wing. 

These were some of the voices in this week’s news.


New Bridge Designs To Be Unveiled Saturday

(John Zicconi, Agency of Transportation) "This is a very historic area and the bridge that we’re unfortunately going to demolish is a historic bridge. And we want to make sure that folks are comfortable with what’s going back up in its place."

Winter Storm Weathercast

(Meteorologist Mark Breen) "A very wild storm yesterday – heavy snow and some powerful winds."

Dean Helps Broker Compromise On Health Care

(Howard Dean) "There’s no magic about having a public system. All I want is a system that works, that’s inexpensive and is as good as some of the other systems around the world. If you can do that in the private sector that’s fine."

Vermont Edition: School Budgets

(Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca) "At some point we either have to decide that we’re going to come up with a system that is better for kids, better for the economic dev of the state, costs less, or – to be honest with you – stop bitching and complaining about the cost of education."

Guard Soldiers Depart For Training

(General Michael Dubie) "All of us heard the president speak this week about the critical time and critical mission facing not just America but the world in Afghanistan."

Memphremagog Land Left To Fish & Wildlife

(Gil Livingston, president of the Vermont Land Trust) "We would go through heroic efforts to buy a piece of property like this. The notion that Michael Dunn, through his commitment both to the natural resources here and the local community, would provide this as a free opportunity like this is unparalleled."

Rutland Mourns Loss of Joan Wing

(Rep. Peg Flory) "She could make anyone feel comfortable – whether it was the governor, the bishop or the homeless on the street – Joanie dealt with them all the same way. And she could make all of them feel comfortable. It was a gift."



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