Voices in the week’s news – August 29, 2008

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The news this week was overwhelmed by political coverage of the Democratic convention. But we also heard an explanation of how cells phones and the 911 system interact, and how farmers are starting to finally get in their hay after a raining summer. The challengers to Governor Douglas debated whether to use the state’s rainy day funds, an a Vermont publisher defended it method of releasing a book on Barack Obama.


These were some of the voices in the news this week:

Interview: Cell phones for 911 calls in Vermont

(David Serra, Vermont 911) "If they get a call like they did from Wells a few weeks ago, where a person cannot say anything and their phone is not giving location coordinates, there is very little they can do, except what they did, and that is to contact the cell phone provider and ask, whose number is this?"

Interview: Drier weather and Vermont crop status

(Crop nutritionist Heath Darby) "As people are driving around I’m sure you can smell that smell of cut grass in the air, out in the hay fields. We hadn’t really seen much of that most of the season. So I would say that generally farmers are playing catch up at this point."

VT company at center of publishing & politics controversy

(Margo Baldwin, CEO of Chelsea Green Publishing) "How do we become the worst publisher in the world for what we did versus a publisher putting out the Obama Nation book which is just filled with lies, is that better?”

Gubernatorial candidates disagree on tapping rainy day fund

(Progressive Anthony Pollina) "So what we’re talking about here is whether we’re going to throw more people out on the street and have more people go without needed services. Or whether we’re going to come together as a family here in Vermont and say, `This is an emergency. We’ve got some rainy day funds socked away. Let’s take them out and let’s see how we can use them to make sure that we can all survive.’"

(Democrat Gaye Symington) "I don’t think it’s appropriate to tap into the rainy day funds unless we know where you’re going next and you can see that you’re coming out of it. And that’s not what the economists are telling us."

Vt. delegates get front row seats at convention

(Congressman Peter Welch) "Well, we got hometown advantage on the floor. Boy, I’ll tell you, Governor Dean, the DNC chair, put us – you know the only way we could be closer would be on the platform itself. We literally, you can see the speakers, you don’t have to look at the jumbo screen. We’re as close as you can be without being on the podium."


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