Voices In The Week’s News: August 17, 2012

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Environmentalists expressed fears that tar sands could be piped through the state, archivists began preserving historic court documents, Democratic Attorney General candidate T.J. Donovan courted the GOP vote, Vermonters commented on Mitt Romney’s running mate choice, Lowell protesters were convicted of trespassing and the Shumlin administration requested an NRC review of Vermont Yankee incidents.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Environmentalists Fear Tar Sands Pipeline Is Coming (8/13) 

(Jim Murphy, senior counsel, National Wildlife Federation) "We think that given the market for tar sands that tar sands will come eventually. And given the fact that Enbridge has a large stake in tar sands, they’re going to want to move tar sands eventually through New England."

Archives Begins Consolidating Historical Court Documents (8/13) 

(Secretary of State Jim Condos) "It’s going to provide a new perspective on the social and economic lives of Vermonters, we’ll better understand our evolution as a state and a society. It really opens up a window that we didn’t have before because the records were really in disarray."

Republican Voters Could Affect AG Primary (8/16) 

(Retired Middlebury College political science professor Eric Davis)  "If Mullin and Flory and Louris together were able to persuade even a few hundred Republicans in Rutland to take the Democratic ballot in the primary to vote for T.J. Donovan, that sort of thing just could be enough to put T.J. Donovan over the top."

Vermont Republicans, Democrats Say Ryan Will Change Debate (8/13) 

(Congressman Peter Welch) "I actually think it’s good for America. I mean what you now are going to have is a serious debate about the serious challenge America faces on its debt and on its economy."

Jury Convicts Lowell Wind Protesters Of Trespassing Charges (8/15) 

(Protester Robert Holland) "I’m very disappointed in the fact that our government institutions allow property to be developed when there’s a legitimate lawsuit behind it."

Administration Requests NRC Review Yankee Incidents (8/15) 

(Public Service Commissioner Liz Miller) "Whether they constitute a larger issue is something that the NRC should keep squarely on its radar. And we intend to continue to review the filings and put them in front of the NRC to ask the question, ‘Why isn’t this a pattern that requires further review?’"


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