Voices In The Week’s News: August 12, 2011

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Vermont’s Education Commissioner welcomed changes to "No Child Left Behind" while Governor Shumlin laid out his education agenda, Middlebury College students built a Solar Decathlon house, the captive insurance industry met celebrating 30 years in Vermont and local towns made plans to remember 9/11.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Vilaseca Welcomes Changes To ‘No Child Left Behind’ (8/8/11) 

(Vermont Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca) "We would be supportive of looking at a waiver that would help us break away from the current No Child Left Behind requirements and help us start adapting and adopting new assessment measures that are more reflective of what’s really going on and that are more comprehensive meaning that there’s more than just one. There could be multiple assessments."

Shumlin Lays Out Education Agenda (8/10/11)

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "That system should be one that measures the individual student’s progress within a classroom as opposed to having to measure all 10 students progress as a block. Let’s work together as quickly as we can to get the Secretary the information he needs to make Vermont one of the first states that gets the waivers from No Child Left Behind and make sense of a system that I think is failing us." Middlebury Students Build Solar Decathlon House (8/8/11) 

Middlebury Students Build Solar Decathlon House (8/8/11

(Middlebury College senior Addison Godine) "The house looks as good as we could have hoped considering we’re the liberal arts team, the team of undergraduates against Cal Tech and all sorts of engineering schools like that.  We’re the underdogs, but we think we’ll do okay."

Global Captive Insurance Industry Meets In Vermont (8/8/11)

(Rich Smith, President, Vermont Captive Insurance Association) "For the past 30 years, this state has shown that it is committed to this industry.  There’s never been a governor or a legislature that hasn’t been supportive."

Preparing to Remember 9/11

(Manchester Town Manager, John O’Keefe) "September 11th to my kids will become what Pearl Harbor was to me. It’s a day that you mark but you don’t quite understand. You gotta remind yourself of the past. I think it’s more important to be quite honest for future generations. For those that didn’t live through the event."

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