Voices In The Week’s News: April 8, 2011

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The State Senate took up the Health Care Bill, a controversial fee was dropped from a renewable energy bill in the House, a Middlebury student returned to this country after being held in Syria and potholes were on everyone’s mind, including the governor’s.

These are some of the voices in the news this week.

Campbell Says Passing Health Bill This Year Is A Priority (4/5/11) 

(Senate President John Campbell) "If we don’t address the high cost of health care, the system may end up imploding. And our businesses here in Vermont – who, some of them, are now paying up to 20 percent of their budget is going to health care costs – they can’t wait either. So we’re trying to move this along to the point where we establish a heath care system that will actually have a defined and desired outcome."

Lawmakers Drop Controversial Fee On Renewable Energy Bill (4/6/11) 

(Representative Kurt Wright of Burlington) "It was never popular, but it was a compromise supported by the administration. Perhaps a better idea will emerge. Today, at the 11th hour the governor abandoned a proposal he had supported, totally disrespecting the work of two committees in the process. The onus is on him to come up with a proposal now that everyone supports."

Middlebury Student Who Was Held In Syria Wants To Return (4/7/11) 

(Middlebury College student Tik Root) "It’s an amazing place with just an amazing history. And the people really do have a lot to teach us about community and just general hospitality. They’re just some of the most amazing people I’ve met."

Drivers, Road Crews Deal With Perfect Conditions For Potholes (4/4/11) 

(Alison Logan of Shelburne) "The final length of road that I have to travel is making me have to go and get my car aligned, because there are so many potholes. It is atrocious and really this year is the one we’ve noticed the most difference, don’t you think? It’s really ruining our cars and our tires."

Shumlin Says Potholes Will Be Fixed (4/7/11) 

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "Oh, we got another one, huh? I’m not quitting! Ever seen it so bad?" (Highway worker) "This year honestly is the worse I’ve seen it." (Shumlin) "How many years you been at this?" (Highway worker) "This is my seventh year at AOT."

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