Voices In The Week’s News: April 29, 2011

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commisson said it won’t intervene in Entergy’s lawsuit against the state, Vermont Electric Co-op rejected a power offer from Yankee, the Corrections Commissioner supported the Senate’s recidivism bill and rain and flooding took center stage around the state.

These were some of the voices in the news this week

NRC Won’t Intervene In Yankee Lawsuit (4/26/11) 

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "They do not intend to file suit; they do not intend to join the case. They do not intend to stand in the way of the clear right of the state of Vermont to determine our future.’

Electric Utility Rejects Power Offer From Vermont Yankee (4/26/11) 

(Dave Hallquist, Vermont Electric Cooperative CEO ) "I really think today was a referendum on Entergy’s relationship with the state of Vermont. In fact, we as a management team got a clear message not to speak with Entergy again."

Corrections Head Supports Recidivism Bill (4/27/11) 

(Vermont Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito) "The focus right now is on substance abuse, but also case work, mental health and other things. And if you can get to those root causes, you can prevent crime that way, rather than using the punishment model, which you know, doesn’t really, doesn’t really have a lot of good outcomes on it."

Officials Urge Caution In Flooded Areas (4/27/11) 

(Mike O’Neil, director, Vermont Emergency Management) "Route 15 is closed through there… Mainly as a precaution because of high water coming through the bridge and the Grand Union grocery store was impacted. And the town of Cambridge around route 15 the water was completely over the road, and we’re still waiting for an update on that."

Spring Floods Contribute To Lake Champlain Pollution (4/28/11)

(Eric Smeltzer, acting manager, Vermont’s ecosystem restoration program) "When you get flows this high not only do you have more water carrying phosphorus, you actually have higher phosphorus concentrations in the water because of these processes, the added erosion that’s caused. So it’s almost a double whammy when you look at it that way."

Rivers Jump Banks And Rush Through Northern Vermont Communities (4/27/11) 

(David Cota of Essex) "If we get another rain like we had last night we’re gonna start this all over again tonight and tomorrow. So, I may not have to worry about mowing my lower lawn this year because it won’t be there."

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