Voices In The Week’s News: April 2, 2010

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Foreclosures in Vermont have been on the rise, lawmakers remained divided over a cell-phone-use ban, a noted anti-nuclear activist visited the area while new legislation would turn the Yankee site into a ‘green field’ and the NRC downplayed the seriousness of recent leaks. And Vermont sugarmakers predicted a good season.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

 Vermont Foreclosures Continue To Rise (3/31)

(South Burlington attorney Joshua Lobe) "My sense, based on the numbers generated by the Vermont Department of Banking and Insurance and the foreclosure referrals in our office, are that the volume probably peaked, maybe at the end of last year or right about now. And I think that we’re starting on the way down, though slowly starting on the way down at this point."

Despite Public Support, Lawmakers Divided On Phone Bans (3/29)

(House Speaker Shap Smith) "I do think that it’s not just an issue about texting while driving. It’s a broader issue about highway safety and making sure that our roads are safe. … And ultimately I’m very comfortable and confident that we’ll have a bill that will address highway safety issues at the end of the session."

Anti-Nuclear Activist Caldicott Visits Vermont (4/1)

(Australian physician-activist Helen Caldicott) "You can’t operate a reactor without tritium escaping continuously. Up to one-third of the reactors in your country have tritium in the groundwater, and it’s continuously being released through the vent. And if there’s a fog, and you’re immersed in the fog, the tritiated water goes right through your skin."

Vermont Yankee Legislation Would Turn Site Into ‘Green Field’ (3/30)

(James Moore, Vermont Public Interest Research Group) "And we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that Entergy would rather pass on to our kids in the next generation. And this bill ensures that Entergy is going to be responsible for their own mess."

NRC To Lawmakers: Don’t Worry About Leaks At Yankee Plant (4/1) (Darrell Roberts, regional NRC director) "Our inspections verified that the leaks did not pose a significant radiological hazard or an operational safety hazard associated with the operation of the nuclear power plant." Sugarmakers Predict Good Season (3/29)

Sugarmakers Predict Good Season (3/29)

(Bob Baird of the Baird Farm in North Chittenden) "The most unusual thing about this year was what a long spell we went without a break. We went over two weeks every single day – the sap really didn’t stop."

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