VNA Works To Locate Sick, Elderly Patients

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(Host) As recovery efforts continue in flood-ravaged areas of Vermont, concerns are rising about some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. 

The Visiting Nurse Association Hospice of Vermont and New Hampshire serves about 1,500 sick and elderly patients throughout the state. 

Jeanne McLaughlin of the VNA Hospice says they’re trying to get in touch with close to 80 people who are isolated in areas that were the hardest hit. 

(McLaughlin) "It is a mix of ages, but predominantly we are talking about frail, elderly. Many people as you know live alone, and that certainly is our concern as we’re trying to locate and provide services to these individuals."

(Host) The hospice began contacting patients on Friday, before the arrival of Tropical Storm Irene.

McLaughlin says that some VNA staff members were already providing on-site care when the storm hit. 

(McLaughlin) "We have field staff who are also in these isolated areas. They themselves have been isolated, and luckily, if you will, for us, they are there and providing care."

(Host) The Vermont National Guard and other emergency personnel are making helicopter drops of food and medication into isolated regions around the state.     



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