Vermont’s First Year Of E-Recycling

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Vermont has finished the first year of the state’s electronic waster recycling program with strong results. Vermonters recycled 4.8 million pounds of electronics between July 2011 and June 2012. That well exceeded the program’s goal of 3.3 million pounds.

Norm Staunton is the state director of Vermont E-Cycles. Speaking on VPR’s Vermont Edition he said the program’s success can be improved on.

"The biggest thing I think that we’ve learned is that convenience really matters. That having it be free, having it be local, having it be the most convenient way to get rid of items certainly helps. The other is just the amount of personal responsibility that Vermonters seem to be willing to take in this matter. Whether it’s disposing properly or changing some of their consumer buying habits – that really has an effect on how the program works."

Vermonters are able to drop off computers, televisions and other electronics of any age or state of disrepair and the drop-off is free of charge. The materials are then collected from drop-off locations, and sorted for usable parts and components.

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