Vermont’s First “Register Rally” For Organ Donors Begins

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Wednesday is the first organ donor "Register Rally" in Vermont.

The event is part of a state-wide push to encourage those interested in becoming organ and tissue donors to register online. 

Mike Archibald is with Donate Life Vermont, which is sponsoring the rally. 

Archibald says there are several reasons the state is moving toward online registration, as opposed to the traditional method of signing the back of a driver’s license.

(Archibald) " A lot of people get separated from their driver’s license, their wallet or their purse at the time of an accident, and secondly, a driver’s license can get contested by a third party such as a family member who may not wish to see your organs and tissue be used in that manner."  

(Host) Archibald says that less than one percent of Vermonters are registered donors.  The national state average is thirty to thirty five percent. 

To learn more about becoming an organ and tissue donor, visit

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