Vermonters take to road

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(Host) Despite rising gasoline prices, a record number of Vermonters are expected to take to the highways this holiday weekend.

According to the AAA of Northern New England, the price of a gallon of regular gasoline has jumped 10 cents in the past 10 days, as the price of crude oil hovers around 60 dollars a barrel.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Vermont is now two dollars and twenty cents.

AAA spokesman Tom Williams:

(Williams) “There usually is a little bit of lag time. But when you see it like at $60 a barrel, when we first started hearing that a week ago literally within a week it came up about eight cents.”

(Host) Williams says the higher gas prices don’t seem to be affecting most people’s travel plans this weekend:

(Williams) “AAA through their surveys believes that this will be probably one of the busiest travel holidays ever since they started keeping records – even busier than the traditional Thanksgiving weekend, which is usually the busiest travel holiday of the year. But it looks like this Fourth of July is actually going to top that.”

(Host) The Vermont State Police plan to be active this weekend cracking down on speeders, drunk drivers and enforcing the state’s seat belt law.

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