Vermonters react to Dean’s announcement

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(Host) Shortly after Howard Dean’s announcement, VPR checked in with some Vermonters about their thoughts of the news. At the Morning Star Caf in Springfield, most said they were not surprised to hear that Dean had withdrawn from the Democratic contest, and many felt he had made an important contribution to the race.

“I think he made the other candidates talk about real issues. He was willing, strong brave enough to speak the truth he was a great force but I think it was time for him to step back and give his support to the others.”

“Definitely, his support had been waning so much. I think it all started with the fiasco speech, unfortunately.”

“In my view, I like to see the candidates go all the way to the convention and it’s disappointing when they drop out because the media plays them up as someone who’s unelectable and can’t win. I’d like to see them all at the convention and able to share their ideas and see the platform that’s developed for the party.”

“I thought it was good that he was running, I thought he brought up a lot of good issues. I think it’s too bad that he was built up and then crashed so fast.”

“Dean brought some important issues to the forefront and I hope that going forward whoever is going to be in this position on the Democratic ticket that they can follow through.”

“It seemed inevitable, didn’t it? I wasn’t really a Dean person. I think he can do more good behind the scenes rather than being a protagonist at the top.”

(Host) Patrons of the Morning Star Caf in Springfield contemplating Howard Dean’s withdrawal as a presidential candidate.

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