Vermonters Rally In Support Of Wisconsin Workers

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(Host) Vermont labor unions rallied in Montpelier today in support of Wisconsin workers locked in a battle over collective bargaining rights.

More than 300 people – including teachers, firefighters, nurses and other union members and supporters – turned out in the bitter cold for a rally supporting the workers balking at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s plan.

Waving signs and chanting, Vermonters gathered on the steps of the Statehouse, denouncing Walker’s move as an attack on unions and the middle class.

Governor Peter Shumlin spoke to the crowd and thanked the unions for their work.

(Shumlin) "We do well, cooperating and working well together, Democrats and Republicans, with labor to solve problems for Vermonters."

(Host) Last week, Democrats in Wisconsin’s state Senate walked out rather than vote on a bill that would force public workers to pay more for their benefits and take away some collective bargaining rights.


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