Vermonters Organize To Provide Haitian Relief

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(Host) Many Vermont groups and businesses have begun organizing to provide relief to Haiti following the devastating earthquake this week.

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss says the city’s fire chief, Mike O’Neill, is en route to Haiti to help.

(Kiss) "I think the fact that Mike O’neil is in Haiti also identifies the fact that there have been longtime connections from Vermont with Haiti."

(Host) There also are a number of Haitian natives living in Vermont who have been trying to learn the fate of their families.

Danila Dinan is from Jacmel, in the south of Haiti.

(Dinan) "The latest news I’ve got this morning is that the morgue went out of electricity. So that’s very bad. That’s very bad news. A lot of people did get out. But they’re living in the street and they’re still having tremors. And that’s the email from 9:30 this morning I got from my brother who was going to the morgue to fetch his son."

(Host) Relief groups are encouraging people to send cash if they want to help Haiti recover. The city of Burlington and Vermont’s congressional delegation have resources.

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