Vermonters cross the border for New Hampshire primary

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(Host) New Hampshire’s Presidential primary is just about 24 hours away. And Vermonters are crossing the river to New Hampshire to help presidential primary candidates in the final push.

Sara Sciammacco has more from Lebanon, New Hampshire.

(sounds of walking through snow)

(Lybeck) "The day in the life of a volunteer, right?"

(Scimmacco) West Haven native Susan Lybeck says this election is too important to just sit back and watch from the sidelines. Dressed in a warm winter coat, scarf and gloves, Lybeck took her top candidates’ message door to door.

(Lybeck) "Hi, I am volunteer for John Edwards."

(Scimmacco) Lybeck is part of a group of Vermonters crossing the border to get people interested in the New Hampshire primary race — and in Democratic contender John Edwards.

(Lybeck) "He is the one that can really help get good health coverage for everybody, especially someone like me who is getting a little older. (laughs)"

(Scimmacco) In the small town of Lebanon, New Hampshire — just over the Vermont border Edwards’ supporters spent hours canvassing. U.S Senator Patrick Leahy’s son, Kevin was among them. He helped rally the voters.

(Leahy) "Change is coming but the point is who do I trust to make that change happen, who to I trust and who do I know is hearing our voice who is going to take our voice and who is going to make our voice the voters voice heard in Washington."

(Scimmacco)Vermont voters go to the polls to elect a primary candidate in March. By that time there will likely be clear winner.

For VPR News, I’m Sara Sciammacco in New Hampshire.

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