Vermonters concerned about nuclear waste, open to wind power

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(Host) New polling by the state Department of Public Service found that most Vermonters are concerned about nuclear waste. But they’re so supportive of wind power that they wouldn’t mind a wind farm within sight of their homes.

The Legislature asked the department to conduct an in-depth study of Vermonters’ opinions about energy. It was done as the state prepares for the possible loss, within the next eight years, of two-thirds of its power supplies.

Steve Wark, the department’s consumer affairs director, briefed lawmakers on the results.

(Wark) "There were many points of agreement in this process. With the exception of nuclear –  remove that from the situation for a second. People really supported wind. They liked efficiency. They liked hydropower and they love renewables."

(Host) Utility contracts to purchase power from the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant expire in 2012, and with the provincial utility Hydro-Quebec by 2016.

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