Vermonter ends his term as ambassador to Slovakia

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Rodolphe “Skip” Vallee, the U.S. ambassador to Slovakia for the last two years, will end his term and return home to Vermont this week.

Vallee, of South Burlington, will leave his assignment eight months early so that his son can attend school in Vermont.

His replacement is expected to take over around the end of December.

Vallee, the former owner of the Vermont-based R.L. Vallee energy company, who has been active in the Republican Party, starting serving as ambassador to Slovakia in August 2005.

He says the biggest issue he faced was that Slovaks must obtain a visa to travel to the United States.

He says Slovaks want that rule changed while the U.S. wants the country that was once part of the former Czechoslovakia to boost its rate of visa approvals and meet specific security measures.

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