Vermont veterans attend dedication of World War II memorial

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(Host) Three busloads of Vermont veterans traveled to Washington D.C. over the weekend for the dedication of the National World War II memorial.

One of those making the trip was World War II veteran Burton Paquin of Swanton. Paquin was a guest of Senator Patrick Leahy, and as he toured the monument, Paquin said it was a satisfying experience:

(Paquin) “…There’s no doubt certainly the World War II monument is certainly an impressive site and I think the location is excellent. Someone asked me what I thought about it and I said it was worth waiting for.”

(Host) Paquin also says he was a bit surprised that the monument was finally built so many years after the war ended:

(Paquin) “It was interesting when you contemplate the fact that probably more men were involved in World War II than any other battle… And yet the Viet Nam memorial was built and I’m glad of course that it was, and the same with the Korean memorial. And they hadn’t gotten around to a World War II memorial, which covered the most men who had been involved in such a thing. Now, having said that, once they got to it, they certainly did a fantastic job.”

(Host) Retired Colonel Burton Paquin of Swanton, who helped repair airplanes for the Air Force, and attended the unveiling of the new World War II monument in Washington D.C.

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