Vermont Unveils Plate For Veterans

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(Host) The state has unveiled a new set of commemorative license plates to honor veterans who have served in wars.

Six new plates are available – for veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War and the current war in Afghanistan.   Each plate features a medal of honor issued for each war.

Governor Jim Douglas presented the first plate to the head of Vermont’s National Guard, Major General Michael Dubie, who served in the Iraq War.

A visibly emotional Dubie accepted the first Iraq license plate.

(Dubie) "For all the veterans, I don’t have to tell them …I don’t have to tell them what it means. I think many of our people for ages have been affected by their service in the war zone and I just consider this a very personal and professional honor. And this is for all our veterans and also for our Vermonters that I just visited earlier this week who are going to Afghanistan."

(Host) The plates are available only to veterans who served in these wars. There is no additional charge for the new special plates.

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