Vermont Transit Company eliminates Kingdom bus route

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(Host) The Vermont Transit Company is planning to eliminate bus service between Newport and White River Junction starting April 4. Vermont Transit says the route is the company’s poorest performer, carrying an average of four passengers a trip.

But Gerald Boardman, the ticket agent in Saint Johnsbury, says bus will be missed by those who did use it:

(Boardman) “There was a gal going to Boston for radiation treatment, we had a fellow last fall that was every day going to Hanover for treatment for cancer. We have students – both from the college and the high school – that’ll go to Boston for the weekend or from a break from school. I think there will be people missing the service. A lot of people that traveled by bus didn’t have another way to get to where they were going.”

(Host) The Vermont Agency of Transportation is currently working with a couple of interested parties to figure out how to fill the transportation gap.

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