Vermont Parents Continue To Opt Out Of Vaccinations

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(Host) The latest national survey of vaccination rates has been released, and Vermont’s statistics show that more parents are deciding to opt out of vaccinating their children. 

The Vermont Health Department says about six percent of Vermont school kids haven’t had all their shots, one of the highest rates in the country.

Parents who choose not to vaccinate often cite concerns about vaccine safety, side effects or harmful ingredients in vaccines.

Dr. Jerry Larrabee is the medical director of University Pediatrics in Burlington. He says the risks of vaccines are low and there is a lot of misinformation:

(Larrabee) "And that’s what’s frustrating I think for medical community because there is no evidence that links any medical conditions with receiving vaccinations."

(Host)  Children in day care or school are required to be immunized. But Vermont is one of 20 states where parents can choose to opt out of vaccinating their kids on medical, religious or philosophical grounds.

The vast majority of Vermonters who choose not to vaccinate cite philosophical opposition.


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