Vermont Officials Suspect Measles Case

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(Host) Vermont health officials suspect the state may have a measles case. The health department is awaiting confirmation of a suspected case of measles in Washington County. 

Patsy Kelso is state epidemiologist. She says measles is a highly contagious viral disease.

Kelso recommends that people call their health care provider if they were born after 1957, have not already had measles and are not fully vaccinated against the disease. 

(Kelso) "The best thing that Vermonters can do is to check their own immunization status.  If they haven’t been immunized against measles, get vaccinated. It protects not only yourself but your family and any young babies you might be in contact with who are too young to be vaccinated." 

(Host) Kelso says the state is on alert following reports of measles in Boston, Quebec and Albany, New York.

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