Vermont, NY Settle On Champlain Bridge Design

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(Host) A design for the new Champlain Bridge has been chosen.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and New York Governor David Paterson announced in the past hour that transportation designers have settled on a "modified network tied arch" bridge.

The design is similar to the bridge that was demolished late last month because it had deteriorated so badly.

Here’s Governor Jim Douglas.

(Douglas) "The modified arch design is good in that it replicates to some extent with a more modern twist the arched bridge that was there before. But most importantly I think is to have a structure that is done quickly, that is adequate in terms of strength and width to accommodate large vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and to have it up and running as fast as we can."

(Host) The goal is to begin construction on the replacement bridge this summer.

Work is still continuing on dock so a ferry can carry commuters back and forth between Addison, Vermont, and Crown Point, New York.

That’s expected to be done by the end of the month. For now, a ferry is making the crossing without passengers to keep the channel clear of ice.

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