Vermont NEA head says NCLB remains a concern

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(Host) All this week, educators from around the country are meeting in Washington for the National Education Association’s annual meeting.

And they’re discussing what the national union wants from the next presidential administration.

Vermont NEA president Angelo Dorta says No Child Left Behind remains a big concern for educators in this state, and the country:

(Dorta) "We believe over testing is a real problem and the law is underfunded by about $70 million nationally and we have a share of that in Vermont as well."

(Host) Dorta says even if the law were adequately funded, the focus on testing is holding back learning:

(Dorta) It’s focused solely on mastery of reading, writing and mathematics, we are neglecting 21st century skills, skill that involve global awareness, economic literacy, creativity and problem solving, information literacy, etc.

(Host) Dorta says a good education goes beyond the basics. Earlier this week, six states were granted the ability to change the way No Child Left Behind is administered in their state by the U-S Department of Education.

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