Vermont mulls $1 fee on vehicle registrations to help injured

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Vermont lawmakers are considering a proposal to add a $1 fee on motor vehicle registrations to raise money for people who suffer traumatic brain injuries.

The Brain Injury Association of Vermont estimates the fee could raise up to $600,000 a year.

A legislative study committee is expected to recommend it next month.

State Sen. Edward Flanagan, who chairs the Traumatic Brain Injury Study Committee, suffered a head injury in a 2005 car accident and needed almost a year to recover.

“The details are still being worked on, but what we are considering is providing targeted case management for Vermonters with traumatic brain injuries who wouldn’t otherwise have assistance,” said Flanagan, D-Chittenden. “The fee would create a special trust fund to help people out if they have run through all their services through their health insurance provider or may not have insurance at all.”

Currently, vehicle registration for most cars costs $60.

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