Vermont man pleads guilty to helping N.H. tax evaders

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A Vermont man now says he’s guilty for helping a New Hampshire couple who refused to pay their income taxes and holed up for months in their secluded home last year.

Fifty-year-old Robert Wolffe, of Randolph, pleaded guilty yesterday to aiding and abetting Ed and Elaine Brown and conspiring to interfere with the government’s efforts to arrest them. The three charges carry a combined maximum sentence of more than 53 years in prison.

Under a plea agreement, Wolffe did not have any charges reduced or receive promises of a sentence reduction. But his cooperation with prosecutors could be a factor in their ultimate sentencing recommendation.

Wolffe was one of four people charged with helping the Browns after they skipped out on their tax evasion trial. The Browns vowed to fight to the death, but they were arrested without any bloodshed.

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