Vermont launches its Click It or Ticket campaign

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(Host) State and local police across Vermont have launched their annual campaign, known as Click It or Ticket, to increase the number of people who wear seat belts.

Law enforcement officials say they’ve found that more people ignore their seat belts in the spring than during other parts of the year.

So, Betsy Ross of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program says many motorists can expect to be pulled over and given reminders.

(Ross) “We are doing safety checks. We pull them over. They’re stopped. They’re checked for wipers, lights, car seats, safety belts, all safety features. So, we’ll be doing that for two weeks.”

(Host) The state would like to improve on its record from last year, when it found that 87% of people wore seat belts.

Six years ago, only 65% of people wore their seat belts.

Ross says the state will be rewarded by the federal government if it keeps up its good record.

(Ross) “If we maintain our average of last year, we will tend to bring into the state of Vermont $3.7 million.”

(Host) In addition to the police stops, the Click It or Ticket campaign will be featured in advertising and in informational displays at highway rest areas and at various businesses.


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