Vermont joins 14 other states in suing EPA over emissions rules

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(Host) Vermont is joining 14 other states to fight the federal government over greenhouse gas emission standards for new cars and trucks.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell says the states are appealing the Environmental Protection Agency’s rejection of tough new tailpipe emission standards set by California.

(Sorrell) "The EPA just denied California‘s standard without any written decision, without any explanation of why. So California has filed a lawsuit today. And Vermont and 14 other states are seeking to join that lawsuit really to force the EPA to explain why they denied the waiver for California standards."

(Host) The other states adopted the California rules as their own because they were tougher than existing federal regulations.

Sorrell says he anticipates that the dispute ultimately will have to be settled by the U-S Supreme Court.

But he says it probably will take several years to move through the legal system.

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