Vermont Is Rich Territory For Arts, Culture

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Each week VPR will turn its attention to the arts and culture in our region, providing insight into topics and trends throughout the state.

VPR will also preview events with our new feature, Art Hounds.

This week, we begin with a look at the abundance of arts events available to Vermonters.

Open any weekend calendar, and out pops an astonishing array of concerts, plays, film festivals and gallery openings. 

But taking into account Vermont’s slim population, as well as the still sputtering economy, you have to wonder:  who is seeing all of these shows?  And just how well are the state’s arts organizations holding up? 


 Joining us to take a look at these questions is the Executive Director of the Vermont Arts Council, Alex Aldrich. 

 Original music for our weekly conversation was composed and performed by Dave Keller.  

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