Vermont Homeland Security taking no special precautions after attacks

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(Host) Vermont’s Homeland Security Unit is not proposing any special precautions as a result of Thursday’s terrorist attacks in London.

Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper says there’s no information at this time that indicates that Vermont or any New England state might be vulnerable to similar attacks.

Senator Patrick Leahy says the leaders of the industrialized world also have a critical opportunity to fight terrorism in a non military manner.

(Leahy) “One of the important things out of this G8 will be if the world realizes that we also join together on the humanitarian things – in eradicating childhood hunger and poverty, the childhood diseases that kill millions of children every year. These are the things where we are at our best. And no matter whether somebody is for or against the Iraq War, ultimately the things that will stop terrorism is when we show the best of America, the best of the western democracies.”

(Host) Leahy says he doesn’t believe the London bombings will have much impact on the Congressional debate surrounding the reauthorization of the Patriot Act.

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