Vermont company produces new spam filter

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(Host) A Vermont technology company has a new product to deal with the growing problem of computer spam. Network Performance Incorporated (NPI) of South Burlington, unveiled its new “SpamRejector” on Tuesday. It filters unsolicited e-mail and blocks useless and unwanted messages from reaching a computer network’s mail system.

John Burton is president of NPI, a company that has focused on computer security issues. He says a variety of solutions have been developed over the years to fight unwanted e-mail, but he saw room for improvement. Burton says “SpamRejector” is a unique integration of computer components. It works as a separate piece of hardware within a company’s computer environment.

(Burton) “We view that you need a stand-alone appliance, that the mail needs to be received on your behalf, and filtered independently – never reach your e-mail server or never reach your inbox – because of very dangerous things that spam can do. They have viruses, or they call back to another Web site that then does other bad things to your environment.”

(Host) At a cost of $250 a month, “SpamRejector” is being promoted as a cost-effective solution for businesses with 50 or more employees. Company Vice President Eric Hart says it can be a time-saver for employees:

(Hart) “This is really exciting for [companies] that are big enough to have a dedicated network administrator. That person is spending a lot of time now dealing with the buildup of spam on their server, filling up their hard drives, all of that.”

(Host) NPI has been in business for 15 years and has 10 employees.

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