Vermont Bucks The Trend On Credit Ratings

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Standard & Poor’s historic downgrading of the United States credit rating rippled shock waves all over the globe, but here in Vermont the waters are, for the moment, quite a bit calmer.

Most states around the country are grappling with their own poor credit ratings while Vermont continues to benefit from the highest ranking ratings by two agencies, Moody’s (Aaa) and Fitch (AAA), and a AA+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, the 2nd highest achievable grade. And Vermont has the best overall credit rating of all New England states.

So what’s behind this relative good fortune? To find out we caught up with State Treasurer Beth Pearce, just before boarding a flight to give a presentation at the National Conference of State Legislatures in San Antonio, Texas.

Pearce tells VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb Vermont’s current high credit ranking is nothing new.

Click listen to hear the interview.

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