Vermont awarded $10 million for energy efficiency projects

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(Host) Vermont has been awarded more than $10 million to pay for energy efficiency and conservation.

Senator Bernie Sanders says the money is the state’s share from part of the stimulus package. Most of the money will go to the state for projects to reduce energy use. Ten towns also will get money.

Congressman Peter Welch says Vermont’s previous efforts to improve energy efficiency should be duplicated at the national level.

Welch introduced a bill that would give families and businesses money to better insulate their homes and buildings, replace windows or improve heating systems.

Welch says he already has a lot of support for the proposal.

(Welch) “What I’m finding is that the Vermont way – common sense, focus on efficiency, keep jobs local, spend your money locally – that has a lot of resonance here. And I’m optimistic that this is something that has legs.”

(Host) The goal would be to cut the emission of greenhouse gases from homes and businesses by 20% nationally.

Welch says the federal government would provide funding to states, which would be able to distribute money to individuals through grants.

(Welch) “This would be a $10 billion program over four years. Keep in mind that’s less than Goldman Sachs got in the bailout.”

(Host) Heating and cooling buildings in the United States accounts for an estimated ten percent of all global warming emissions.


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