Vermont Air National Guard sixtieth anniversary marked

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(Sound of aircraft)

(Host) That’s the sound of a practice run this afternoon for “Wings Over Vermont,” honoring the sixtieth anniversary of the Vermont Air National Guard.

At the Burlington waterfront tomorrow, viewers will get a first hand look at the U. S. Army’s Golden Knights Parachute team and the Air Force flight demonstration team, the Thunderbirds.

Fred Stetson of Burlington was getting a preview of the show.

(Stetson) “It’s amazing precision; the G forces those guys go through and what they do is just phenomenal. I don’t understand how they can maintain such precision at such speeds, especially the closing speeds. Look at how they’re stacked up right now. They’re in a tight turn. Look at what they’ve got – one two three four five six of them, completely stacked.”

(He laughs)

(Host) The air show includes five hours of performances on Saturday, including acrobatics by Flight Surgeon Dr. Donald Majercik of Essex Junction. The events include a concert by the Air National Guard band and an open house on Sunday at the Vermont Air Guard base at the Burlington Airport.

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