Vermont Air Guard Deploys Squadron to Afghanistan

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About twenty members of the Vermont Air National Guard leave from Burlington tomorrow to help fight the war on terrorism overseas.

Guard spokesman Captain Jeff Roosevelt says the mission will be in the central command area, which includes Afghanistan.

(Roosevelt) “The security forces squadron trained for airbase defense and protection of the United States Air Forces Equipment as well as their aircraft.”

Roosevelt says this is the first Vermont Guard deployment overseas since the Gulf War in 1991. He says the squadron is well prepared for the mission.

(Roosevelt) “They are highly trained. They’ve been performing these missions for the past four months on the active duty side. But this is also something that¿their whole military careers this is what they’ve done, is security forces operation – airbase defense, protection of the Unites States Air Force’s equipment and aircraft.”

The airmen were activated on September 11, but now they’re being sent to a new location overseas. Roosevelt says the Guard cannot say exactly where the squadron is going or how long they’ll be there.

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