Vergennes Overturns Unified Union

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Voters in the city of Vergennes overturned a Town Meeting Day decision to form a unified union school district.

The five towns of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union have tried three times to form a unified union, which would allow the union’s four schools to be governed by one school board instead of five under the current system.

The measure passed by a two-thirds majority on Town Meeting Day, but petitions forced re-votes in Addison and Vergennes. Yesterday, voters in Addison upheld the town meeting day vote, but Vergennes reversed course, so the unified union will not go forward.

Last year, the measure was overturned by a revote in Addison.

Supporters said a unified union would lower per pupil spending rates for member towns. The legislature passed a measure last year to provide incentives for towns that form unified unions. The law also required all 60 supervisory unions to consider the benefits and challenges of mergers and report to the state. Addison Northwest was one of the first to vote on the measure, and the measure was overturned in a re-vote.

Yesterday’s vote totals:

Addison, 247 in favor, 125 opposed.

Vergennes, 162 in favor, 261 opposed.

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