VELCO proposes Duxbury-Stowe transmission line

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(Host) The company that owns Vermont’s bulk electric transmission system wants to build a new high-voltage power line from Duxbury to Stowe. The Vermont Electric Power Company, known as VELCO, says the 115- kilovolt line is needed to serve the fast-growing Lamoille County region.

David Mace is a VELCO spokesman:

(Mace) “The transmission infrastructure in this area is old and under-sized. This needed improvement will help guard against service interruptions now and allow for anticipated demand growth for years to come.”

(Host) The ten-and-a-half mile long power line would parallel Route 100. Mace says the upgrade will cost about $13.4 million. VELCO needs local and state approval for the project. The company presented its plans Monday night to the Stowe Planning Commission.

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