Variety of issues on minds at polls

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(Host) Vermont Voters turned out in force Tuesday for the mid-term elections.

VPR’s Betty Smith visited five polling stations in the Upper Valley to find the meaning behind the vote totals.

(Smith) A variety of issues was on the minds of Vermont Voters as they went to the polls Tuesday.

Some issues were local, like the proposal to consolidate schools in Weathersfield.

(McKeen) “School bond issue, direction of country, Jane McKeen, Weathersfield”

(Bergeron) “The school, the war has something to do with it, Pauline Bergeron, Weathersfield”

(Smith) And in fact, the war in Iraq apparently had a lot to do with getting many voters to the polls.

There were other concerns, but the war was often mentioned first, and it was the issue that came up the most.

Not everyone expressed opposition to the war, but almost everyone seemed compelled to mention it somehow.

(Murphy) “A war’s not won overnight, gonna take a while, congress that will work together so we can actually get things passed, Nancy Murphy, Hartland”

(Smith) And so it went, in Weathersfield, Windsor, Hartland, Harford and Norwich.

(Leighton) “For me it was a combination of the war and the economy, Julie Leighton, Hartford.”

(Smith) “The war and health care, Sybil Smith, Norwich”

(Haedrich) “Bush in power, the war, the environment, Daniel Haedrich, Norwich.”

(Smith) A variety of issues to be sure – and the war.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Betty Smith.

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