UVM students cited on riot-related charges

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(Host) The University of Vermont is pressing charges against students involved in last week’s Red Sox riot. UVM spokesman Enrique Corredera says five people have been cited to appear in court next week on charges ranging from aggravated assault to arson. More than 1,000 students swarmed the school’s Redstone campus last Thursday and set fires, toppled light poles and tipped over a UVM van.

Corredera says university officials and student leaders are making plans to avoid a similar incident in case the team wins the World Series.

(Corredera) “I think we’re in a good position. We’re exploring alternative venue for students to safely enjoy the World Series. But I think this has been a good learning experience and we have a lot of confidence in our students. Many of them are very upset about the behavior of their peers.”

(Host) Corredera says that in addition to the charges in state court, the students also face internal disciplinary action that could include suspension or expulsion.

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