UVM Receives Forest Research Appropriation

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(Host) The University of Vermont’s School of Natural Resources has received a one million dollar appropriation for research in the 26-million acre Northern Forest. The research will focus on forest management and land stewardship in the Northern Forest, an area that stretches from eastern Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont to northern New York.

Donald DeHayes is dean of the School of Natural Resources. He says the funding will allow a new type of research that connects the ecology of the Northeast landscape with the economics of the region:

(DeHayes) "I think we want this research to tell us if you can achieve ecological health and economic vitality at the same time. We’d love to see this research tell us in very concrete objective terms, ways in which we can protect the health of our forests and the clean water, and at the same time build either a forest-based industry or recreation and tourism industry that provides livelihood for Vermonters and others in the region, and some enjoyment for the many, many visitors to this region."

(Host) Research in the Northern Forest is expected to begin this summer. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg were key sponsors of the Northern Forest legislation.

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