UVM president condemns student rioting after Red Sox game

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(Host) The University of Vermont is reviewing video tapes and assessing property damage after dispersing a student riot early Thursday morning after the Red Sox victory. College President Daniel Fogel says the students will be held accountable for their actions.

VPR’s Steve Delaney reports.

(Delaney) Anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 UVM students set fires, pulled down light poles and trashed vehicles in a celebration that turned into a rampage last night. President Fogel sent a message of condemnation out across his campus, and to the wider Burlington community as well.

(Fogel) “We consider it inexcusable conduct, conduct that won’t be tolerated. I think any student who we find has violated campus judicial code or state law will be held accountable.”

(Delaney) Fogel said that accountability extends to the possibility of criminal charges as well and said the University will press charges against any student found to have violated the law. Campus authorities were reviewing tapes of the incident made by WCAX television so they can identify the students involved.

(Fogel) “We will make it very clear to the students and I think the students are going to make it, the vast majority of our students are going to make it very clear to their peers that this is behavior that won’t be tolerated.”

(Delaney) Fogel said no one was detained during the three hours it took police from several departments to disperse the students using non-lethal pepper launchers, and that he’s grateful that there were no significant injuries. As for damage, he said the University is still adding up the cost.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Steve Delaney.

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