Utility PlansTo Fund Clean Energy Projects

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(Host) The state’s largest electric utility wants to use an insurance rebate from Vermont Yankee to fund a number of clean-energy projects around the state.

Central Vermont Public Service Corporation says it will get about $340,000 this year from insurance payments stemming from when it was a part owner of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

CVPS has proposed using that money for projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas pollution. Steve Costello is a utility spokesman.

(Costello) "We’re doing a lot of different things, or proposing a lot of different things this time around. We want to build a couple of electric vehicle charging stations, continue some research that’s been ongoing on the use of lake weeds and digesters to produce energy. And we really are interested in a couple of new things, including geothermal energy."

(Host) The Public Service Board has to approve the company’s funding proposals.



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