Utility Agreement Will Expand Smart Grid, Broadband

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(Host) Three Vermont utilities have finalized an agreement to install "smart grid" electric technology and to expand broadband computer service.

Green Mountain Power, Central Vermont Public Service and Vermont Telephone will work together.

The electric companies will use a high-speed computer network that VTel is building.

That will allow the utilities to install meters that can communicate back and forth between customers’ homes and businesses and the utilities, helping them to use less power.

Governor Peter Shumlin says that will benefit consumers.

(Shumlin) " I do believe that Vermont can and will be the first state in the country that not only has smart-metered every home but actually figures out have to save Vermonters money with it." 

(Host) The network that the smart meters will use to transmit information will also be available to expand broadband service to more homes and businesses across the state.

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