Utilities warn customers of high wind danger

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(Host) Vermont’s utilities are warning their customers to be ready for the high winds expected to move in to the state tomorrow.

Dottie Schnure speaks for “E-23” – the group that represents all of the state’s utilities. She says the major concern is the danger of downed power lines.

(Schnure) “All of Vermont utilities have prepared ahead of time to make sure we have the resources available to respond quickly when the outages happen. And one our major messages to customers is safety. It’s very important that people understand if a power line is down, it could be live and if you touch it or touch anything that’s in contact with that line, it could kill you. So we’re urging people to take extreme caution if they see trees down if they’re near power lines, and to alert their local utility if that should occur.”

(Host) That’s Dottie Schnure speaking for “E-23”, the organization of Vermont’s electric utilities.

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