Updated List Of Road Closings

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Here’s the latest from the Vermont Agency of Transportation:

The Vermont Agency of Transportation has been working throughout the night and continues today to assess road conditions along state infrastructure resulting from Hurricane Irene. 

VTrans priority is to establish safe passage for travelers and is closing roads, when needed, and establishing safe detours.  VTrans urges members of the public to exercise extreme caution in navigating the State highway system.  If travel is not necessary, Vermonters are asked to stay home so emergency responders and road crews can conduct damage assessments to the State’s infrastructure. 

There are state highway closures throughout the state, some state highway bridges are completely washed out, while others may be compromised.  It will be several days before State officials can inspect all of the State bridges impacted by the extreme flooding caused by hurricane Irene. 

Roads may be undermined by the flooding and slope failures may still be occurring. State officials are assessing which communities may be cut off and what infrastructure needs to be repaired first in order that power crews may gain access to down power lines and transformers.

While the Vermont Agency of Transportation knows about the closures to the state highway system, town road closures are reported to Vermont Emergency Management.  The final number and location of all town roads and bridges that are closed or impassable is still unknown at this time.  The public is urged not to cross roadways with standing water. 

VTrans Operations crews have been deployed since the beginning of the weather event working through the evening and are still on the job making repairs to the state system.  VTrans is deploying bridge inspection teams including teams from out of state and FEMA to inspect Vermont’s bridges.  It will be several days before all bridges, state and town can be inspected.  

To receive the latest information on State road and bridge closures, the public can access the State 511 system at http://www.511vt.com/

Road Closures: (LAST UPDATED 8/30/11)

District One

Route 7 south of Manchester

US 7 between Arlington and Manchester is opened now to two-way traffic 

VT 7A in Arlington is open

Route 7 in Brandon and Rutland still has closed areas, but traffic (excluding tractor trailers) can detour around the closed areas. 

Route 100/9 in Readsboro

Route 100 north of Wilmington

Route 9 in Wilmington

Route 30 at Route 133 in Pawlet

District Two

Route 30 at Newfane, Jamaica – bridges out

Route 9 west of Brattleboro in area of Shell Station & Cumberland Farms.

I-91 SB between Exits 5 and 6

Route 5 in Rockingham – bridge 39 undermining

Route 103 Chester at the new bridge 1 mile south of Route 11

Route 131 in Cavendish near Chub Hill

Route 11 in spots – Chester – Andover and Windham.

Route 100 Jamaica near Route 30 Intersection

Route 100 in Weston

Route 103 in Chester

Route 100 in Wardsboro

District 3

Closed, Rte 73 from Rte 30 to 73 in Goshen (open from Brandon to Blueberry hill. One lane only for local traffic).

Closed, Rte 30 Beebe lake to Pencil Mill road Castleton 

Closed, Route 7 in Brandon is closed; there is a detour for small vehicles only on town roads.

Closed, Route 73 from Route 53 to Rochester. 

Closed, Route 100A

Closed, Route 100 Tyson to US Rte 4 

Closed, Route 103 South of Ludlow (to be open within the hour)

Closed, Route 100N to 107 

Closed, Route 4 from Mendon to West Bridgewater.

Closed, Route 3 in Proctor 

Route 7 is open except where the bridge is out by formula ford.

Route 140 in the East Wallingford area is open

7B is closed on the Wallingford end and into Clarendon

155 Closed from E Wallingford to Belmont

District 4

Route 4 in West Woodstock

Route 100 Granville Gulf

Route 107 between Bethel and Route 100

Route 12 between Route 4 and 107

Route 12A in West Braintree

Route 12 between Bethel and Randolph is open

District 5

Route 116 between Route 125 and 17

Route 125 between Route 116 and Route 100

Route 17 between Route 116 and Huntington Road

Route 17 in the Starksboro area is open (tractor trailers are not recommended). 

I-89 in Colchester

Route 2 Jonesville

District 6

Route 100 South of Waitsfield OPEN TO LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY

Route 100B

Route 12 Berlin to Riverton

Route 12 Worcester

Route 14 in Woodbury

District 7

Route 5 north of St. Johnsbury

Route 302 in Groton

Route 5 in Lyndonville

Route 122 previously closed now open

Route 5A at Route 5 in West Burke

Rout 302 in Groton (open for one lane only)

District 8

Route 118 previously closed now open

Route 105 between Enosburg and Berkshire

Route 242 west of Jay Peak

District 9

Route 242 east of Jay Peak

Route 16 between I-91 and Barton

Route 105 between 114 and Lakeshore Drive near Island Pond




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