Tyminski Wins Grammy

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(Host) West Rutland native Dan Tyminski has a share in a Grammy award. Tyminski is a member of the group The Soggy Bottom Boys, which has won a Grammy Award for the song "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.”

The song is from the soundtrack to the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” The soundtrack won five awards, including album of the year.

In an interview with VPR a few months ago, Tyminski told VPR that he was proud of the "O Brother" project:

(Tyminski) "I think it’s pretty easy to misrepresent this style of music. I just think that the "O Brother" project was, they paid so much attention to authenticity. I mean, we used old microphones and old instruments, no headphones, no overdubs. I mean, I think it was just a very, very pure form of roots music and that people enjoyed it. I think is wonderful."

Tyminski was the voice behind star George Clooney, who lip-synched the song in the movie. Tyminski shared the Grammy with Harley Allen and Pat Enright. The award was for best country collaboration.

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