Two Vermonters make their debut on “From the Top”

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(Host) Two young Vermont musicians will be making their debut this weekend on NPR’s From the Top.

Katie Jordan of Charlotte will perform a movement from a Strauss Concerto on her French horn. And violinist Thea Talento of Woodstock will play Tempo di Minuetto by Fritz Kriesler.

Thea Talento says when she applied to be on the show, she didn’t have high hopes:

(Talento) "I was not expecting it at all actually. I was thinking, well you know, there’s a slight chance, but I don’t think I’m going to get on this show. And then they called me and said yeah you’re on the show, and I was like, wow that’s really exciting. So yeah, I’m really thrilled to be on the show and it’s a great honor."

(Host) Both Jordan and Talento have grown up in musical families. Jordan says her parents inspired her to stick with music.

(Jordan) "Both of my parents were music majors. They went to conservatories. Classical music was always very supported in my household. And when I started learning an instrument, they provided lots of insight and I learned to love it."

(Host) The performance was taped at Chandler Music Hall in Randolph in September before a live audience.

From the Top Host Christopher O’Reilly also interviewed both Talento and Jordan, and they performed skits, including one in which Jordan modeled Vermont fashion — that being overalls, a wool sweater and Birkenstocks.

From the Top airs this Sunday night on VPR and VPR Classical.

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