Two state’s attorneys take early retirement offer

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(Host) A second veteran state’s attorney in Vermont is taking advantage of the state’s early retirement incentive program.

Addison prosecutor John Quinn says he’ll step down at the end of the month after 24 years.

That follows the news last week that Rutland County State’s Attorney James Mongeon also will retire. He’s been on the job for 31 years.

Erica Marthage is the prosecutor in Bennington County and a member of the executive committee for the state’s attorneys office.

She says both will be missed by fellow prosecutors.

(Marthage) "They’ve played this kind of delicate role for so many years in that we are required to uphold the law and prosecute violations of the law, but also it’s our job to make sure constitutional rights are being protected and justice is being done and the system is working. Those are the kinds of things you just can’t read somewhere. It really takes someone with experience and knowledge that you can have a conversation with."

(Host) Governor Jim Douglas will appoint replacements for Quinn and Mongeon. They’ve both recommended that their own deputies get the appointment.

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