Two Judges Draw Complaints In Legislative Review

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(Host) Two of the 10 judges up for review by the Vermont Legislature this year are drawing fire for their courtroom demeanor. And one of them is also under scrutiny for a possible conflict of interest, and for his handling of a child abuse case.

Both Judges Michael Kupersmith and Mark Keller drew complaints focusing on cutting off lawyers and other forms of alleged ‘rudeness’.

But Keller has been sanctioned by the state Judicial Conduct Board for his former ownership stake in a Burlington office building that rented space to lawyers who appeared before him.

And a group of Burlington pediatricians say Keller declined to remove a 3-month-old boy from a home where the doctors say the boy suffered the worst child abuse they had seen in which the victim didn’t die.

The Supreme Court upheld Keller’s ruling in the case.


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